Entertainment Law

We work within all industry sectors, but the entertainment industry is one area of particular expertise and focus. In addition to navigating the immigration opportunities carved out for this niche area, we work with musicians, actors, directors, producers, writers and athletes to provide comprehensive solutions to their specific needs.

Focusing on your best interests, we know that efficiency is key to reaching an agreement to get your project off the ground. We understand that an incredible amount of effort went into your work and appreciate that it reflects your personality and character.

You deserve an agreement that reflects your commitment.

More than an employment contract, these agreements are very personal and could significantly impact your career and your reputation. We take the time to understand your priorities and ensure that these are reflected in all agreements you enter into.

Immigration considerations are particular for the entertainment industry in both Canada and the US. We help talent and employers with cross border immigration issues for short term projects, and will also look at your long term goals to review more permanent options in both countries.

Examples of matters we address include:

  • LMIA and Work Permit applications (Canada)
  • Work Permit Exemptions (Canada)
  • O1-A and O1B visas (USA)
  • P visas (USA)
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